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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012



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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

    Mesaj  dexter555 Bir Salı Ekim 18, 2011 6:07 am

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012


    Release Name :: Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED
    Release date :: 14-10-2011
    Size :: 6.25Gb

    Pro Evolution Soccer makes its return this fall, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012! This year, Konami is determined to give global football fans a truly realistic, immersive and a delightfully playable take on the beautiful game. Creative Producer Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka has been sourcing the desires of fans across the globe and working non-stop on marrying the digital game to the real life game so fans can get as close to the real thing. All elements have been examined – defense, offense, AI, penalties, officiating and of course, graphics! The result is a game truly represents the key attributes of the game and it's players. Pro Evolution Soccer...Can you play?

    Play modes :: Single Player / Multiplayer
    Game languages :: Multi5 (EN/FR/DE/ES/BR)
    Age requirements :: Everyone
    Genre :: Sports
    Platform :: PC
    Developer :: Winning Eleven Productions
    Publisher :: Konami

    System Requirements ::
    OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7
    CPU: Intel Pentium IV processor 2.4GHz or equivalent
    RAM: 1GB
    GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon x1300
    GFX RAM: 128MB of RAM, Pixel shader 3.0, DirectX 9.0c compatible video card

    1. Unpack the release
    2. Mount or burn image
    3. Install , use proper serial (look in the NFO)
    4. Copy all files from the folder cracked content to the game installation
    5. Play the game and don't allow it to go online, use the firewall if need be
    6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!

    .. datei2fmPP6Fi8U Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012.CRACK.ONLY-RELOADED.rar dateiPvwjEpETET Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part1.rar dateiycsuET8dko Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part2.rar dateiyxmlsFp1xf Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part3.rar dateimFTK8LNfa4 Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part4.rar dateijyVE1HNvEO Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part5.rar dateiXGIbUw7f0d Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part6.rar datei3RpTXYQ5of Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part7.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part1.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part2.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part3.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part4.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part5.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part6.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part7.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012.CRACK.ONLY-RELOADED.rar 5krnTtw/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part7.rar F6AkXBx/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part4.rar 5GMzm35/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part6.rar mREaGGU/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part5.rar a5CUVHy/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part2.rar 7DHp2yV/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part3.rar eEGYG84/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part1.rar nrYwFNJ/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012.CRACK.ONLY-RELOADED.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part6.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part7.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part5.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part4.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part3.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part2.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012-RELOADED.part1.rar Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2012.CRACK.ONLY-RELOADED.rar
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