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    Dragon Age 2 (2011)



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    Dragon Age 2 (2011)

    Mesaj  dexter555 Bir Paz Ekim 23, 2011 12:28 am

    Dragon Age 2 (2011)(ENG)

    Dragon Age 2 + 1.03 patch + all available dlc + Hi-Resolution Textures

    Release Name :: Dragon Age II
    Release date :: March 8, 2011
    Size :: 6.58Gb (game-ISO) + 60mb (1.03 patch) + 2.42Gb (5-Dlc pack) + 1.08Gb (High resolution Textures)

    Dragon Age II thrusts players into the role of Hawke, a penniless refugee who rises to power to become the single most important character in the world of Dragon Age. Known to be a survivor of the Blight and the Champion of Kirkwall, the legend around Hawke's rise to power is shrouded in myth and rumor. Featuring an all-new story spanning 10 years, players will help tell that tale by making tough moral choices, gathering the deadliest of allies, amassing fame and fortune, and sealing their place in history. The way you play will write the story of how the world is changed forever.

    Play modes :: Single Player
    Game languages :: English, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French, German
    Age requirements :: 18+
    Genre :: RPG
    Platform :: PC
    Developer :: BioWare
    Publisher :: Electronic Arts

    System Requirements ::
    OS: Windows XP with SP3, Windows Vista with SP2, or Windows 7
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo at 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 at 1.8 GHz or greater
    Memory: 1 GB (1.5 GB Vista and Windows 7)
    Video: ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB or NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS 256 MB cards
    Hard Drive: 7 GB

    1. Unpack the release
    2. Mount or burn image
    3. Install Game
    4. Install 1.03 patch and use crack at the end
    5. Play the game
    6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!

            DLC and  Hi-Resolution -Textures Instalation :
    1. High def-textures installation : Run the exe to insstall, Run Dragon age 2, open options menu, select video options, check "Hi-Resolution textures" checkbox, Enjoy
    2. DLCs Instalation:
       a) First pack of dlc (1,2,3,4) - Copy "addins" folder to the main game director. To unlock all extra reward Copy "patchda2forunlockables.exe" to the main game directory and run it as admin, It will patch "bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe" file.
       b) Second pack Mark of the Assassin instalkation Read .nfo how to install.

    .. da2_ISO.part7.rar da2_ISO.part6.rar da2_ISO.part5.rar da2_ISO.part4.rar da2_ISO.part3.rar da2_ISO.part2.rar da2_ISO.part1.rar da2_high_resolution_textures.part1.rar da2_high_resolution_textures.part2.rar da2_dlc_5_MoA.part2.rar da2_dlc_5_MoA.part1.rar da2_dlc_1,2,3,4.part1.rar da2_dlc_1,2,3,4.part2.rar da2_1.03_patch_and_crack.rar,2,3,4.part1.rar,2,3,4.part2.rar dateinulJGfAnT3 da2_1.03_patch_and_crack.rar datei5BI5OPB9Pf da2_dlc_1,2,3,4.part1.rar dateiR3NKruMTxG da2_dlc_1,2,3,4.part2.rar dateibJEBXQAhA5 da2_dlc_5_MoA.part1.rar dateigJEXhWLndK da2_dlc_5_MoA.part2.rar dateiX3d0eYzGqi da2_high_resolution_textures.part1.rar dateiiAbTGIhfmq da2_high_resolution_textures.part2.rar dateiPvHOgUX1VN da2_ISO.part1.rar dateizme5ND4KsI da2_ISO.part2.rar dateimCTJqd2WDu da2_ISO.part3.rar dateiFLOVWTLcPg da2_ISO.part4.rar datei3Mwkk2bwAk da2_ISO.part5.rar datei09CtGIOw18 da2_ISO.part6.rar dateiltacfXAFVw da2_ISO.part7.rar da2_1.03_patch_and_crack.rar da2_dlc_1,2,3,4.part1.rar da2_dlc_1,2,3,4.part2.rar da2_dlc_5_MoA.part1.rar da2_dlc_5_MoA.part2.rar da2_high_resolution_textures.part1.rar da2_high_resolution_textures.part2.rar da2_ISO.part1.rar da2_ISO.part2.rar da2_ISO.part3.rar da2_ISO.part4.rar da2_ISO.part4.rar da2_ISO.part5.rar da2_ISO.part6.rar da2_ISO.part7.rar CeT9sfj/da2_ISO.part7.rar zEsB6VJ/da2_ISO.part6.rar xcVw4mZ/da2_ISO.part5.rar aH957V8/da2_ISO.part4.rar qRaauw5/da2_ISO.part3.rar ymH5MhW/da2_ISO.part2.rar 2mP7rXM/da2_ISO.part1.rar H6uq5rR/da2_high_resolution_textures.part1.rar tPQSTyg/da2_dlc_5_MoA.part1.rar BhBCxb6/da2_high_resolution_textures.part2.rar ynR6AZZ/da2_dlc_1,2,3,4.part1.rar kTNg6Xt/da2_dlc_5_MoA.part2.rar JyzXfJC/da2_dlc_1,2,3,4.part2.rar cf3aT3b/da2_1.03_patch_and_crack.rar
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